How To Watch The Olympics Without A TV

sally pearson going into the 2012 london olympics

Photo: Ryan Pierse/Getty Images

Want to stay on top of all the upcoming Olympic action we’re in store for?Don’t have a TV?

No big deal! Here are a bunch of different ways we learned from Pocket Lint to make sure you’re up to date on which country is tearing it up in each event.

BBC Sport and BBC iPlayer

Use an app! BBC Sport and iPlayer will have plenty of live content to stream over WiFi or 3G, so you can stay up to date on the games no matter where you are. If you're outside the UK, you'll want to use a program like ExpatShield to make it work.

Price: free


This free web-based service lets you watch live UK television on your computer. It's that simple.

Check it out here >

Shady streaming sites

We're unaware of any specific ones, but it's a safe bet that with a little Googling, you can find a site of questionable legality that will let you watch the Olympics live.

We feel morally obligated not to enable piracy. But if you don't mind, well, go for it.


The NBC app works just like the BBC apps, but in reverse -- they only work in the US.

Price: free

Check out NBC's website

NBC offers loads of streaming content on its site regardless of if you have any sort of TV service in your house or not.

Check it out here >

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