How To Watch The Olympics Online


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NBC will live stream 400 hours of the Olympics online, and make another 1,000 hours available online after the fact.

But for fans without access to televisions, that leaves a lot of action out, including some of the most popular events.

Fortunately, there are other options, allowing you to watch just about any event online.

But first, the easy stuff:

NBC’s video content is available on its dedicated Olympics Web site. You can browse or search available video here. You’ll need Microsoft’s Silverlight plug-in to watch the video.

As expected, most of the good stuff won’t be streamed online, because NBC wants to force as many people to watch TV as possible. (That’s where it can make the most money in advertising.) As part of NBC’s partnership with Microsoft and Bing, this content will also be available on the MSN front page. Much of NBC’s coverage will be available on mobile devices.

NBC has a great chart for showing exactly which events are happening when here.

If you want to watch something that NBC isn’t streaming, you should check out peer-to-peer sites like, which plans to stream everything live. You can see their schedule and links to the streams here. UStream,, and many others provide similar services.

The other major option out there is to access streaming content from the Web site of one of the networks broadcasting the Olympics in another country. Each network is only authorised to stream content to users in the area for which it has broadcasting rights, however, so this will require faking your location.

That takes a few steps, but isn’t particularly challenging; we published a walkthrough during the 2008 Beijing Olympics. Good foreign — but English! — feeds include the BBC, and CTV. If you don’t mind watching in another language, try RDS (French) or ARD (German).

Did we miss anything? Did one of these options stop working? We’d like to keep this page as complete and up-to-date as possible, so let us know, and we’ll update.

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