How To Watch This Year's NCAA Tournament

NCAA March Madness On Demand

Photo: Apple

This year’s NCAA Tournament adds a new wrinkle that sports fans have been demanding for years (even if they didn’t realise it.)All 63 tournament games will be broadcast live, in their entirety, on nationwide television. Granted, you’ll have to have cable TV to watch them all, but for the first time you can choose any game you want and watch it start to finish with no interruptions.

Games will be shown on CBS, TBS, TNT and TruTV. This super bracket includes the network schedule to help you find the channel you need.

The only issue is that now you have to be your own clicker and find the most exciting games. That’s why a few sites have stepped into the fold.

Are You Watching This? send you alerts to tell you about exciting games that you may be ignoring. (You can also follow their Twitter feed for help.) Thuuz does the same thing, but without giving away the score or the exact details. (For those who prefer their sports in the DVR age.

There’s also March Madness On Demand, which has been the usual route for fans who just can’t get in front of a TV or are trying to catch out of market games in past years. This will still be the go-to-option for fans stuck at work.

And if you’re mean company throttles Internet access or blocks “time wasting” sites, come to the Sports Page for live updates throughout the day.

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