Here's how to watch the Super Bowl for free -- even if you don't have a cable or a TV

In the past, cord-cutters wanting to watch the biggest live events would have to follow strange quasi-legal workarounds that were complicated, with the only other alternative being to ask their friends for their cable login credentials.

For Super Bowl 50, however, those who have cut the cord have a number of legal options for watching the big game online.

For those with a set-top box, the CBS Sports official app is available on Roku, the Xbox One, and Amazon’s stable of Fire devices. And while watching the ‘big game’ on a big screen is customary, those without a set-top box can watch on their iOS or Android devices with no problem. If you’d like to watch on a computer CBS’ official website has you covered.

Here’s the complete guide to watching Super Bowl 50 for free:

These streaming options shouldn’t be seen as a sign of altruism from big companies, but rather them adapting to the growing trend of cutting cable or streaming. The more people that watch the game, the more the games hosts can charge for advertising. That said, it is somewhat progressive for sports to allow free streaming, the NFL, WWE, and MLB all have streaming packages if you’d like to watch an entire season.

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