How To Watch Michael Phelps Win His 8th Gold LIVE At The Beijing Olympics

Michael Phelps will try to make history today by winning a record 8th gold medal. Thanks to NBC’s clout with the International Olympic Committee, the 4×100 meter medley relay will be held at 10:59 am Sunday in Beijing so it can be shown live, as it happens at 10:59 pm tonight on the East Coast.

But on the West Coast, NBC will show the Phelps race on tape, three hours later. We know NBC’s Olympic TV ratings have been great, and we know that most people on the West Coast don’t seem to mind watching canned sports. But we assume that some of you would like to see this historic event as it happens. And for those people, we have some options.

We’ve previously highlighted feeds that have worked for us on both PCs and Macs. But by far the most consistent option we’ve found is Alriyadiah saudi Sport TV (

). Video quality isn’t great, and you can’t choose your event. And as of Saturday morning, we’ve found that it was running on slight delay — its coverage of Roger Federer in the doubles final seemed to have a 10-minute lag. But it’s still likely to be your best bet.

If you’re more ambitious, and want to watch live coverage from the likes of the BBC or Canada’s CBC, you’ll need to configure your computer using a proxy server. We’ve got detailed instructions here; one of our readers has found this site’s directions helpful as well.

We’ve got about 14 hours before Phelps gets in the pool, so if anyone has other hints, we’re all ears. Sounds off in comments below

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