How To Watch Today’s Apple iPad 2 Event Live

steve jobs

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Apple is holding an event today in San Francisco to announce a new iPad tablet. Here’s everything you need to know about it.The event begins at 1 p.m. ET, or 10 a.m. PT.

It appears that Apple will NOT provide a live video stream of the event, as it has for other recent events. (We are trying to double-check with Apple.) But to be sure, check the Apple homepage a few minutes before the event starts to see if they have a link up to live video.

Otherwise, your best bets are the dozens of liveblogs that will cover the event in real-time.

At SAI, we’ll be providing live analysis as we read the liveblogs. (Click here for our live coverage.)

Our favourite liveblogs have historically been Gdgt and Gizmodo, but neither site seems to be doing a liveblog today. So we’ll be tuning in to Engadget and Macworld and looking for other great liveblogs.

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