How To Use Your Office Holiday Party To Advance Your Career

Lucky enough to have an office holiday party this year? Use it your advantage.

AmNY’s Urbanite blog: Nicole Williams, a career expert, TV personality and bestselling author, offers advice on how to best take advantage of the office holiday party, how to buy the right secret santa gift and shows how your strategy during the holidays can bear gifts later on.

Here are her tips, in helpful bullet point form:

  • “You should use the party as an opportunity to extend your network and talk to your bosses. Don’t just stick to your small social group.”
  • When it comes to office party conversations, Williams suggests asking colleagues about themselves…while it’s tempting to talk about the bad economy or possible layoffs, [stay] positive and festive.
  • It goes without saying, but be careful of how much alcohol you consume. You want to appear festive, not foolish.


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