Hate Keeping Gmail Contacts In Order? This Plug-In Scans Signatures To Automate The Busy Work

writethat.name messy office

Writethat.name is a new Gmail plug-in that scans incoming emails for block signatures, then updates your Google Contacts accordingly.

It’s for businesspeople and consumers alike, and requires almost zero set-up. All you do is plug in your Gmail credentials, and Writethat.name does the rest.

The first month is free, and then after that, Writethat.name is $3.00/month or $20.00/year.

If you sign up, there’s a simple procedure for changing contact files.

At the end of every day, you’ll receive an email including updates on which contacts have been altered, or if the service has been set to “manual,” you’ll receive an email that includes convenient buttons to approve or deny contact changes.

Does it work? Check out our brief walkthrough to find out.

Head over to writethat.name and click sign-up to begin. You'll get a month for free, no credit card required.

Enter in your Gmail email address, then authorise the service to use your contacts and emails.

If you're not a perfectionist, Writethat.name is pretty great. Company names and addresses get messed up sometimes.

Kwaga, the software company that makes the service, will stick an ad for itself inside every contact it changes, which is lame.

Don't expect too much from writethat.name

As you can see, the service works well, but not well enough that we'd want to pay for it.

Even at $3.00/month, Writethat.name isn't meticulous or smart enough to parse information from oddly formatted signatures (of which there are many).

When it does work, you'll often have to go into the contact file anyway and correct formatting or locations like 'mobile' and 'work' for phone numbers and emails. So, have you really saved much time at all? This is something we'd rather do ourselves, even if it's a nuisance.

However, if we were to continue using it, we'd turn off 'auto update' so we could confirm modifications to our contacts before they happen.

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