How To Use Twitter For Lead Generation

During this week’s roundtable, we followed a slightly different format than our usual five entrepreneur pitches. We did only one entrepreneur pitch, but we did a couple of tutorials on how to run a comprehensive Twitter campaign. I explained the 1M/1M Twitter strategy, followed by how 1M/1M premium members can use our Twitter channel.

To give you a flavour, we’re running a high volume, high quality, high authority micro-blogging campaign through Twitter whereby we put out 200 messages a day, and showcase our rich blog content, as well as core 1M/1M messages through it. You can follow @sramana and @1mby1m to see the Twitter stream for yourselves.

In addition, all our Twitter messages flow through our LinkedIn and Facebook accounts, creating a comprehensive and continuous social media presence. And we are generating a continuous stream of leads that we capture through HTML forms and engage with these prospects through a systematic email marketing process.

Now, for the 1M/1M premium members, we have just opened up this Twitter+Facebook+LinkedIn channel to promote their brands and products. So, we will, essentially, also be promoting 1M/1M premium members’ Twitter messages through our channels. We encourage you to take advantage of it. More discussions and Q&A in today’s roundtable recording here.

Karizmac games

Also at today’s roundtable, Sharon Wood from Ridgefield, Connecticut, presented Stone Creek Entertainment’s Karizmac games, a casual gaming company for the female demographic. Sharon is following an interesting mix of AdverGames and Casual Gaming principles, and has created a set of iPhone games that are starting to find traction in the market. Most important, Sharon has created a good business model for attracting sponsors who help fund the development and marketing of games on a revenue-sharing basis. The model has built-in capabilities for bootstrapping, and sure enough, revenues are already flowing in. Interesting company, excellent execution so far.

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