Gorgeous Photos Of The Gear Fit, Samsung's New Fitness -- Minded Smart Watch

Samsung fit gearJay Yarow/Business InsiderThe Gear Fit does more than just track fitness. It also sends notifications and texts from your phone.

Samsung made a few product announcements today, including a new water-resistant phone, the Galaxy S5. But the coolest announcement of all may be its new fitness tracker, the Gear Fit.

The Gear Fit is entering a crowded market. Nike, Fitbit and Jawbone have been innovating on wearable fitness tech for years.

But the Gear Fit’s sleek design, curved glass, robust set of features and multi-colour screen make it more alluring than any fitness device that’s currently available. The battery lasts 3 — 4 days.

We got our hands on the Gear Fit at the Mobile World Congress conference in Barcelona. It won’t be available until April 2014, but you can check out big beautiful pictures of it now.

Today, Samsung unveiled a new phone and arguably something even cooler -- The Gear Fit Fitness tracker.

The Gear Fit is about the same size as the Fitbit clip, or the length of a thumb.

It has a large colour screen, which makes it different than all of its pre-existing competitors.

It's also a colourful watch.

The Gear Fit can track a lot of things beyond fitness too. It lets you receive alerts from your phone, like texts and emails.

It can even help you find your phone when you've misplaced it.

The Gear Fit works with 20 Samsung devices.

You can set your own wall paper for the device too.

Just touch the screen or swipe to see more options.

It tracks your heart rate in real time.

Like so. It's also water and dust resistant so sweat or a quick rinse won't break it.

It uses the S Health App and a pedometer to track daily fitness. There's also a sleep tracker and a virtual fitness coach that gives personalised advice while you're working out.

The device shows a number of other alerts, such as scheduled meetings. It also has an alarm, a timer, a stopwatch built in.

The curved display slips in and out of a watch-like wrist band, so it fits snug against your skin.

If you want a snazzier band, you can make that happen.

Like a Fitbit, the Gear Fit can slip in and out of its strap. Just pop the device out.

And replace it with another Gear Fit band. There are a lot of accessories to choose from to make the device more stylish.

You can buy the Gear Fit on April 11, 2014.

Now check out the other device Samsung announced today:

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