HOW TO: Use The New Android Market

Android Market Home Page

Photo: Android Market

In a welcome move for Android users, Google announced a refreshed online Android Market at its Honeycomb event today.The Android Market goes a step further than Apple’s App Store by allowing you to select an app online and have it pushed to your phone. Very cool.

It’s also much easier to navigate and find what you need than the Market’s phone app.

We took a look at the new Android Market to show you how it works with your Android phone or tablet.

To get started, visit the Android Market here.

You can browse Android apps by category, paid, free, or popularity. It's much easier to navigate than the Market app on Android phones.

If you have a particular app in mind, use the search bar in the top right corner of the home page.

When you find the right app in the search results, click the icon to view more information about it.

A pop up window will ask you to confirm which of your Android devices you would like the app installed on. After you select the correct one from the drop down menu, click install. The app will be pushed directly to your phone and tablet.

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