TANGO: The Latest Billion-Dollar App

Tango is a mobile messaging app now worth $US1 billion, thanks to the recent investment of $US250 million from Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba.

200 million members use the app to send an assortment of free messages to other people in the network, make video and voice calls, play a variety of mobile games, and so much more. It’s very similar to WhatsApp, WeChat, Kakao Talk, and several other similar apps designed for mobile messaging.

You can download it for iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows, Kindle, and PC.

So what makes this app worth over a cool billion? Check out how it works in the gallery below.

When you first launch the app, enter your phone number to begin setting up Tango. The app needs to access your contacts to build your network.

Profiles can be created by importing your information from Facebook.

Here's the main menu. Tap each option at the bottom to go to a different section.

Tap the option in the upper left corner to edit your profile.

Tap the option in the upper right to see any notifications you may have.

Tap the second option at the bottom titled 'Friends.' This part of Tango will let you find other people to talk with.

These are the three friends that Tango automatically uploaded for me. Tap each option to view a profile.

Go back up to the top and tap the 'People You May Know' option will search for friends of friends on the app.

If no one is showing up, you need to adjust your profile settings.

'People Nearby' will search for people in the surrounding area for you to talk with.

Tap the hour glass icon in the upper right to filter the search results.

'Popular People' will let you chat with the most active members of the Tango community that are close by.

Scroll over to messages. Write a message to someone with the option in the upper right. Delete a message by tapping edit in the upper left.

This is the chat screen. Talk with the other person by writing a message below.

Tap the magic wand at the top to send an assortment of emoji. The top section are free ones while you'd have to pay for the ones at the bottom.

Tap on the right to pick a song to send to the person you are chatting with.

Exit out and go to Invite. Use this feature to invite friends to use the app. The plus icon at the top will let you add a new contact.

Finally, go all the way over to the right and click on Play. Featured Games will take you to the app store to download other programs.

Tap the three bars at the top to open more features in Tango's store.

Tango Music is where you can select songs to send to other people in the Tango network.

Pick a song. You can listen to a preview of it through the app or listen to the whole thing through Spotify.

In-Call Mini Games are free programs you can play within the app.

Finish your time in the Tango Store by purchasing emoji to send to people.

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