How To Use Europe's Amazing Free Music Service Spotify In the US

Spotify founders Martin Lorentzon and Daniel EkSpotify founders Martin Lorentzon and Daniel Ek

Photo: Spotify

Since launching in Europe in late 2008, Spotify has become the envy of music lovers in the United States dying for a legal solution to free music sharing.Spotify lets you download and stream songs for free to your PC or smartphone, making it one of the fastest growing and most popular startups in Europe.

But until the company can haggle with record labels, don’t expect to see an official launch of the service in the US any time soon.

But, we have a way for you to try Spotify in the US.

You’ll have to bend the rules a little, likely violating Spotify’s user agreement. We’ll be using a UK-based proxy server that will help trick Spotify into thinking our computer is located in the UK, not the US.

After you use the proxy server to create an account, you can download Spotify’s desktop application to stream unlimited music for free.

We’re still looking for a way to get Spotify’s smartphone application to work on a US phone. If you have any tips, drop us a line here or leave a comment.

First, you'll need a UK-based proxy server. Go to and enter this URL into the bar on the site: and click Go.

Click download to get the app for your desktop.

Now go crazy! You can search, share, and stream millions of songs!

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