Use This Email App To Bring All The Best Features Of Snapchat To Your Inbox

Sometimes after you send an email, panic sets in:

“Did I sound too mean?” “Should I have added that document?”

Pluto mail is a new service that hopes to fix these stressful situations.

The free program syncs with your inbox and lets you accomplish four specific tasks: set expiration timers on messages, unsend emails, add read receipts and edit sent messages before someone else opens them.

Pluto is still in beta but we were able to try out.

Go to Pluto's website. Click Sign Up in the upper-right corner. Pluto can sync with Gmail, Yahoo, iCloud and other email accounts.

Enter your email address. You'll be placed on a waiting list.

After a day, this verification message should pop up in your inbox. Click Sign Up at the top.

Create your username and password.

This is the main page where you edit your messages. Before you begin sending emails, Pluto requires you send yourself another verification.

Click to verify and you're all set.

Now go back to the email management page and get ready to fix your settings.

You can customise your profile, adjust the expiration times at the bottom and more from this section of the program.

Go back to the main page and compose a message.

Fill out all the important information below. You can add an attachment, too.

The message should appear in your inbox.

Go back to the email management page and click Edit.

Since no one has read the email yet, you can still make some edits while it sits in the other person's inbox.

When someone finally reads the email, you won't be able to make edits anymore.

Scroll to the bottom. You can see when the other person opened the email and when it will expire. Click Disappearing Message.

You'll be taken to another edit screen. On this page, you can alter expiration times and other features. Click Unsend in the corner.

Despite someone already opening the message, you can use the 'Unsent' feature to make the text and attachments of the email disappear.

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