How To Never, EVER Worry About Your Passwords Getting Hacked Or Stolen

Another week, another long list of news stories about how hackers have gotten into our bank accounts or stolen passwords.

But, as alarming as that is, we’re guessing that you didn’t change all your passwords, did you? That’s because changing passwords is hard and remembering new passwords is even harder. And, even if you did, the next big hack means you’d have to do it all over again.

It’s time to get smarter about your passwords by using a password manager app. Such an app makes it ridiculously easy to create unguessable passwords and change them whenever the need strikes.

One of the most popular and trusted apps is called LastPass.

We’re going to walk you through how to install and use it. If you opt to follow these instructions, for 30 minutes or less of your time, and $US12 or less of your money, you’ll never have to worry about passwords ever again.

Go to the LastPass website and download the app.

This screen should appear on your computer.

If you're new to LastPass, you need to create a new account.

Put in all your important information and agree to the terms of service.

Let LastPass import your passwords from your browsers. It will grab them from all the browsers you use.

Your Web browser will shut down while setting up.

You might have to grant permission for LastPass to work with your browser.

Once the setup process is done, you'll see this icon in the upper-right corner. Enter Sign In.

Click on the icon and enter your email and password to access the desktop site.

The main page of the app is called The Vault. It becomes the hub for you to customise your preferences within LastPass. It also stores all your passwords.

When you visit a site that requires a password, click on the LastPass icon. It will enter your user name/password for you.

This is the best part. Look for that icon in your browser in the corner and click on it ...

Click on 'Generate Secure Password'

LastPass will create a new password for you. Anytime you need to change a password, just go to the website and use LastPass to generate a new password.

If you use a smartphone or tablet to access these same websites, you'll need to use the premium version and load LastPass on those devices, too. It costs $US12 per year.

Set up your premium account and download the app from your phone or tablet's app store.

Once you finish that setup process, here's the main page of the app for iPhone. Sign in with the credentials you created earlier.

You can even login to LastPass automatically but that's not wise.

The main page of the iPhone app looks just like the desktop version.

PRO TIP: You can use the app as a mobile search engine. Tap the bar at the top to look for a website.

Tap the asterisk on the main screen to view the main menu. The changes you make here will be available across all of your devices.

Now for the bummer. The mobile app doesn't automatically import passwords. If you have websites you only access from your tablet/phone, not your PC, you have to enter them manually. But, if you entered them from your PC, the passwords will be there already.

You can also use the app to share access to an account (like letting your kid buy something on Amazon), without permanently sharing the password.

And now, we remember a time before we worried about passwords ...

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