How To Use LinkedIn To Prepare For Your First Day At Work

Nicole WilliamsNicole Williams, LinkedIn’s Connection Director.

Photo: Nicole Williams

Joining a new company can be an intimidating experience.To avoid making a bad first impression, make sure you dress to impress and get an adequate amount of rest the night before.

If you want to be as successful as possible in your new role, take your preparation a step further and spend a little time on LinkedIn, says Nicole Williams, LinkedIn’s Connection Director. 

She tells us how the professional networking site can help workers beat first-day-on-the-job jitters. 

1. Research people who will be in your new department. 

LinkedIn will show you what your new coworkers look like, their professional backgrounds and how long they’ve been with the company. 

“You can start conversations more easily if you know a little about these people,” Williams says. “It’ll help you immerse into the culture as quickly as possible, which will help you perform better.”

2. Update your own profile. Include your new title, company name and a description of what you’ll be handling, so that your new coworkers can look you up. Also, Williams says to add a photo of yourself if you haven’t already. This will help your colleagues identify you when they see you around the office.  

3. Follow your competitors on LinkedIn. Know what’s going on in the industry, and you may be deemed an expert in your own company. By following people in the same field as you — especially those at competitors — you’ll be able to track who’s joining a company or leaving it, and  “this can tell you something about the trends within that company,” Williams says. 

For example, if you noticed the New York Times just hired a new creative director, this will give you a hint into the future goals and where the company plans on heading in the next few years. 

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