Check Out KakaoTalk, An Insanely Popular South Korean App That Traffics 3 Billion Messages Per Day

The most popular messaging app in South Korea is called KakaoTalk. It offers an array of free call and text messaging services. It also has the ability to share photos, videos and other information.

KakaoTalk launched March 18, 2010 and gained by 57 million registered users by August 2012 while it jumped to 130 million registered users as of December 2013.

According to The Chosun Ilbo, the app sends and receives 3 billion messages per day. On top of that, Mashable reports that KakaoTalk is expected to earn $US200 million in revenue for 2014. As part of their strategy for the new year, the company plans on expanding to emerging markets like Indonesia, Vietnam and the Philippines.

The app is available for iPhone, Android, Blackberry, and Windows.

Once you download the app, it will ask you to enter your phone number.

The app will send you a text message with a verification code. Type in the four digit code.

Enter your name for your official account.

Kakao Talk will want access to your contacts.

After the process is completed, all your friends with the app should appear here.

Kakao Talk customisation options are impressive when it comes to adding friends. Users will be able to control when they want to add people automatically or block pesky messengers.

Here's your profile. You can upload pictures and change your status.

This is where chats will be saved.

In case you can't find anyone to talk with on Kakao Talk, here's how you find them. Tap the 'Shake' option first.

In order to locate people nearby, the app will need your location.

Shake your phone!

I didn't find anyone nearby but try shaking it in different locations.

You can choose ID search. It's very simple. All you need to is type in another ID and find someone you want to chat with.

The QR code feature is very popular with messaging apps. As long as you have a QR code to scan, you'll be able to quickly invite friends to talk in a group chat.

You'll be able to create your own code to send to friends.

After creating your QR code, choose friends to send it to since this is the best way to start group chats.

These messages can have pictures attached to them. Kakao will want to access your own photos.

To add photos, select them from your camera roll or photo stream.

Here's the sticker store. This is where you can buy some fun emoticons.

This is a selection of what you can purchase.

Themes are wallpapers you can buy to spruce up your profile.

Once you buy a theme, upload into your profile.

Unfortunately, there is nothing free in the store. Occasionally, KakaoTalk will post a sale on stickers here.

If you ever need to edit your profile or buy stickers, tap the More tab to access any option you need.

The Notices section will alert you when the app installed a new update or is experiencing problems.

Settings is where you can control your account. On this menu, you can decide if you want protect your profile with a password, sync the mobile app with the PC version or cancel your account.

After you try out Kakao Talk, try out Line.

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