Instagram Just Went Through A Big Change With New Video Features: Here's How It Works

Facebook Instagram Video Announcement

Today, Instagram

unveiled a new video feature for its popular photo-sharing app.Now you can upload clips up to 15 seconds long and they’ll appear in your feed along with your regular Instagram photos. You can also add filters, just like you can with Instagram photos.

Finally, Instagram added a feature called Cinema that pulls in videos already stored on your smartphone and cleans them up in case your camera is shaky.

You must upgrade the Instagram app on iPhone or Android right now if you want to try the video feature.

The first thing you need to down is head to the app store and tap Update. After the update downloads, open the app.

Inside you'll see the familiar stream. The first post we saw was a video because of the play button in the top right corner. To record your own video just tap the camera button at the bottom middle.

You'll see the familiar options. Tap the video button in the bottom right corner to record.

Press and hold the red button to record. You can lift your finger up to segment the video. Remember: videos are limited to 15 seconds.

You can track the length of your video by watching the bottom blue progress bar. Videos must be at least three seconds long.

Tap the centre camera button to switch to your phone's front facing camera. To remove a portion of your video tap the X next to the red record button.

You can remove any segmented part of the video.

Instagram worked with designers to launch 13 new filters to add to your video.

Instagram also launched a new feature called Cinema. If your video is shaky, you can tap the camera icon under your video to fix it.

After you're done editing and choosing a filter, you can choose a cover photo from the various scenes. This is the opening image your Instagram followers will see in their feeds.

Just like with photos you can give your video a caption, add your video to your map, add a location, and share.

This is what it looks like just before you post your video. You can share the video on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, or email.

The video shows up in your feed just like your photos.

Simply tap it to play.

You can tell which of your posts are a video by the icon in the top right corner.

Notifications look the same too, except it now says if its for a video or photo.

Now check out some new iOS 7 features...

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