Here's How To Use Foursquare's New Recommendation Engine

Foursquare Times Square

Foursquare launched an update to its iPhone and Android apps last night that includes a new recommendation engine and easier way for venues to promote specials at their location.

The recommendation feature mines the check in history of you and your friends to find similar venues you may enjoy.

You’ll also be able to see tips your friends left at that venue to help make your decision easier. It’s very similar to the way Facebook has started making recommendations for websites: it finds places your friends enjoy instead of relying solely on an algorithm.

We tested out Foursquare’s new features today. You can get the update for free on iPhone and Android.

Here's the Foursquare icon. Tap to open the app.

Here's the new Specials menu. You can read details on each from nearby venues.

The app takes a few seconds to load your recommendations. In the meantime you'll see this animation with one of Foursquare's mascots.

Here are the coffee shop recommendations. The app takes into account venues you and your friends have checked in to in the past. You can also see tips your friends left at those venues. If you want to see what's trending now, tap the globe icon in the top right corner.

Here's a map of nearby trending venues. You can tap each one for more information.

Here are the nearby bars recommended to us. You can change your recommendation settings by tapping the icon with the three bars in the top left of your screen.

When you search a broad category like Arts & Entertainment, you can refine your search. Here Foursquare recommends Art Gallery, Performing Arts, and Arcade. You can also search for your own custom term.

When you tap on a venue Foursquare recommends, you can view it's location, nearby tweets, or call them.

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