The Co-Founder Of Flickr Made A New Personalised Version Of Yelp

Caterina Fake, the co founder of photo site Flickr, unveiled a new app today called Findery.

iPhone owners can use this free mobile search engine to discover and share interesting notes about locations they visit.

“It’s not about reviews or venues. Its really about the meaning of the place, spirit of the place. We’re trying to make technology more human” Fake told to Business Insider over the phone.

Findery identifies your current location and will send you a slew of public or private notes written by other people in the app’s network relating to a restaurant or bar.

These notes can range from personal stories or historical information instead of generic restaurant reviews.

It launches today for iPhone. See below to learn how to use it.

Here’s the main page of the app.

The app will take you through a brief demo before taking you to the account page. Create a username and password but the username has to be comprised of numbers and other characters.

Once that is finished, the app will identify your current location.

This is the main page of Findery. The app will automatically populate the screen with various videos and stories of stuff happening nearby.

At the bottom of the screen, tap on activity. This section of Findery displays recent notes that have been uploaded in your vicinity, people you are following on Findery, and your activity with others in the network.

Go to Create. This will enable you to leave a note at a specific location. You can add tags to make it easier to find in Findery’s search database. Writing a Notemap will create a curated collection of notes emphasising specific attractions of a club or restaurant.

Maps provides a quick and easy to search for other people’s notes within the area. Zoom in and tap on any of the bubbles that appear. You’ll be whisked away to a page contain all the notes written about the location.

Go over to the far right and tap ‘Me’. This will be your profile. You’ll have plenty of options to edit it adjust your preferences.

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