You can finally start using Facebook's new animated 'Reactions' today

Limited by the “like” button, no more!

Facebook is finally rolling out its new animated “reactions” to users all around the world. T
o use them, you’ll just press down on the familiar thumbs-up button beneath any post to display all of the new animations. Besides just “Like,” you’ll now have access to “Love,” “Haha,” “Wow,” “Sad,” and “Angry.”

Here they are in all their glory:

“Yay” and “Confused” used to be part of the line-up, but Facebook cut them after its tests revealed that people didn’t use them as much as the others. These first five initial reactions could also spawn more options down the line as Facebook learns from how even more people use them.

Facebook first announced that it was experimenting with a new way to let you quickly respond to statuses or photos with more nuance than a “like” last fall, so this launch isn’t a surprise.

But, still, it is one of the most major updates in Facebook’s recent history, News Feed engineering director Tom Alison tells Business Insider.

“It’s a means of letting me empathise with you,” he says.

For now, Facebook’s algorithm won’t respond differently if you “wow” a post versus if it makes you “angry.” Every reaction gets treated the same. And Facebook gets way more interactions overall.

You’ll be able to use the reactions on “sponsored” posts by advertisers the same way that you will use them on your friends’ organic content.

“This is going to be really valuable to advertisers and publishers, because they’re going to get a more detailed view into how people are receiving their content, and their feedback,” Alison says.

(Side note: If you hate an ad, the best way to get rid of it will still be to “hide” it, not respond with the “angry” reaction.)

Reactions should hit the Facebook feeds of people all around the world in the next several days, and the animated emojis will be the same in every country.

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