How To Use Cydia, The App Store That Apple Doesn't Want You To Know About

iphone jailbreak

Photo: htaule93 via Flickr

When you jailbreak your phone you get access to Cydia, the iOS app store that exists outside of Apple’s reach.There are a number of cool apps and tweaks available there, from apps that turns your phone into a WiFi hotspot to tools that let you completely customise your iPhone’s interface.

It can be a little daunting at first, especially if you’re only familiar with Apple’s App Store. Here’s a tour on how to install and uninstall apps from Cydia.

(This tutorial assumes you are already jailbroken. If you aren’t, click here for instructions on how to do it.)

All ready?

Fire up Cydia

Let's find a new game

Abaia is a chess game. Let's give it a try

Here's the app info page. If we scroll down...

Cydia instantly starts installing the app

Tap the button that appears at the bottom once it's done

This returns us to Cydia, but we want to take that chess game for a test drive. Press the home button to get back to your apps

Tap Abaia to start it up

Boom! A chess app on your iPhone, totally outside of Apple's approval. But what if we want to uninstall it now?

This shows you a list of the jailbreak apps you have installed. We want to uninstall Abaia, so tap on it

Once again, confirm you want to do it

Cydia runs through the uninstall process

When it finishes, return to Cydia and find your next app

Now that you know how to use Cydia...

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