Apple Pay has gone live in the UK -- here's how it works

Apple Pay is live in the UK, and is working pretty well. Getting yourself set up to use the new payment method is just as easy.

First, open the Passbook app.

Now that Apple Pay is available, the option to add a debit or credit card to the service will pop up above the rest of your passes.

The app will let you pull up your payment details by scanning your card.

Just place it inside the white box, and then enter your security code manually.

Or you can choose to put in the rest of the details manually too.

I had to do this when trying to add my Halifax card later on, as the scanner read my name as “Englanu.” I then realised Halifax isn’t supporting Apple Pay quite yet.

Then you’ll probably have to verify that you want to use your card with Apple Pay in some way.

Natwest sent me a code via text, which I then entered into Apple Pay. After that, you’re ready to go. Just hold your phone up to a contactless payment terminal with your finger on the TouchID, and you’ve paid!

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