Nokia's Fix For The Nasty Lumia 900 Software Glitch Is Available Now

nokia lumia 900

Photo: Steve Kovach, Business Insider

The software update that fixes the nasty software glitch that keeps some Nokia Lumia 900 phones from connecting to wireless networks is now live.You can get the update by installing Microsoft’s Zune software to your PC and connecting your phone via a USB cable. Click here to get the Zune app. If you’re a Mac user, you need to download the Windows Phone 7 Connector app. The update is not available as a wireless download from AT&T.

Nokia and AT&T are offering all Lumia 900 customers a $100 credit towards their wireless bill because of the glitch. You can also trade in your phone for a new one if you’re having trouble installing the software update. Nokia says new Lumia 900s will ship with the software fix.

Having trouble with the Lumia 900 software? Nokia posted two walkthrough videos for Windows and Mac users that will help you install the update.

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