How to manually update Instagram on your iPhone, so you never miss out on its latest features

Amr Alfiky/APIt only takes a moment to update Instagram on your iPhone.

The photo-sharing app Instagram is constantly making changes to improve the look and function of their app.

Major updates for some users recently have included the addition of dark mode, and a feature that hides public “Like” counters in certain countries.

But in order to keep up with all of Instagram’s new features and bug fixes, you’ll have to make sure that your app updates regularly.

Usually, updates should occur on their own. But if you find that your app isn’t updating itself for whatever reason, you can do so manually.

Here’s how to update Instagram on your iPhone.

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How to manually update Instagram on an iPhone

1. Open the App Store.

2. Tap on your account icon in the upper-right corner.

How to update Instagram on iPhone   1Melanie Weir/Business InsiderOpen your account menu by tapping your icon.

3. If you have any available updates, they will appear below the “Personalised Recommendations” button, in a section labelled “Upcoming Automatic Updates.”

  • On iOS 12 or earlier, your apps with impending updates will appear listed when you press the “Updates” tab in the menu at the bottom of your screen.

4. Find Instagram in that list, then tap the “Update” button next to the name of the app, if there is an update available. If Instagram isn’t in the list, there’s no update available for it, or it may be listed in the “Updated Recently” section on the same page.

How to update Instagram on iPhone   2Melanie Weir/Business InsiderTap the ‘Update’ button. If you have the most recent version of Instagram downloaded already, you will see an ‘Open’ button instead.

Once the update completes, open the Instagram app to use any of the new features.

If you’ve done all these steps and Instagram still won’t update, there may be a deeper issue. For information on how to fix this, check out our article, “‘Why won’t my iPhone update apps?’: 6 ways to fix iPhone apps that won’t update.”

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