How To Turn Yourself Into CEO Material

Rocky Balboa

The attention of one person at the top could be enough to secure a promotion to the C-suite.

And one surefire way to get noticed is displaying the crucial leadership attributes that prove you’re fit for the job.

How to do that?

In a post for Business Week, executive coach Debra Benton suggests 10 things you should start working on right now that will boost your leadership potential and get you noticed.

Some highlights, in summary:

  • Be supremely confident in at least one area of your ability — you’ll make faster decisions and be better at your job.
  • Absorb as much information as you can (i.e. staying on top of global news, learning a second language) — you should always be learning.
  • Be ambitious without losing your integrity.
  • Perfect your communication skills, and communicate well and often.
  • Develop and maintain relationships with a varied selection of mentors, and be a mentor to others.

Read the entire article at Business Week >

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