It's hard to find the button to turn off music shuffle on Apple's new iPhone software and people are bewildered

Part of the problem with cutting-edge beta testing software is that there’s nowhere to turn for tech support. 

I’ve been beta-testing iOS 10 on my iPhone for the past week. You can try Apple’s latest software now too, and it will hit most people’s iPhones in the fall.

So far, the biggest improvement for me has been the redesigned Music app. The totally redesigned interface was a major point of emphasis for Apple this year, and in general the app is cleaner, faster, and much simpler. 

As an Apple Music subscriber and someone who spends hours per week on the app, I’m thrilled. But there’s just one problem I ran into: Music was set to shuffle, and I couldn’t figure out how to turn it off, no matter how hard I searched.

Turns out, I’m not the only one with the problem. A quick search on Twitter reveals myriad other early adopters desperately seeking the shuffle button:


 Some people don’t think it exists at all:

 And some people eventually found the button, but they’re still ticked off: 

And some people just want to turn it off: 

Here’s how to turn off shuffle in iOS 10. Here’s what the now playing page looks like:

No shuffle button to be found. To put your music on shuffle or repeat you need to swipe up. The buttons are below the now playing page:

Go forth and sequence your music as you’d like. 

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