Facebook is starting to let people turn off those annoying live video notifications

Facebook has been aggressively promoting its new live video feature, which is reportedly a personal “obsession” of CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

But now the company seems to have recognised that not everyone wants to get a notification when BuzzFeed blows up a watermelon, or Hasbro has people dress up in costume and play Hungry Hungry Hippos. Facebook has begun to roll out the option to turn off notifications for live video, a spokesperson confirmed to BuzzFeed.

The option was spotted by Teresa Hammerl, who posted the below screenshot:

Hammerl says the option exists under the “Notifications” in settings. This change has not yet been made available to all users.

“We are starting to roll out a new setting that lets people turn off all Live notifications, through their Notifications settings, that will be available to all people soon,” a Facebook spokesperson told BuzzFeed.

One of the reasons Facebook is so excited about live videos is that people comment “more than 10 times” as much on Facebook Live videos than on regular videos. But the notifications have irked some users, who have vented in places like Twitter.

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