The new iPhone update automatically turns off Apple’s battery-related slowdown feature

  • The latest iPhone update includes a feature that will tell you if your battery needs to be replaced.
  • The update will also automatically turn off a feature that slows down iPhones to protect their batteries.

Apple has been under fire ever since it was revealed that a 2017 software update included a feature that slowed down iPhone processors to prevent unexpected device shutdowns. Apple is currently facing a slew of class-action lawsuits over the feature.

Now, you can see if your device is being throttled, thanks to a new setting in the latest iPhone software update, iOS 11.3, which is now available.

To get the update, first navigate to Settings > General > Software Update.

In fact, when you update your iPhone, Apple will turn the slowdown feature off automatically, according to a support page updated on Thursday. It only gets turned back on if your iPhone has a shutdown problem.

“Devices updating to iOS 11.3 will initially have performance management disabled; it will be reenabled if the device subsequently experiences an unexpected shutdown,” Apple wrote on a support page about the feature.

But if you want to turn it off – or on – it’s easy. You can also check how healthy your battery is overall and whether you need to have it replaced.

Simply go to Settings > Battery and click on Battery Health (Beta.)

Here’s what the screen looks like:

Battery health beta