This is the biggest mistake you can make when grooming your sideburns

SideburnsshutterstockYour sideburns are important, guys.

When it gets to that point of the haircut and the barber asks, “What are we doing with your sideburns?” it turns out there is a wrong answer.

The only unacceptable answer is to completely shave off your sideburns.

You can keep them short or you can keep them long, but you absolutely must keep them.

In fact, a barber told me that he believes this so strongly, even if a client asks him to shave off their sideburns, he will attempt to persuade them to keep at least a little bit.

The issue, as it usually is with hair, is that your sideburns are necessary to balance out your face. They create lines that can give your face more of a defined appearance.

And when those lines simply aren’t there, it give your face a stark, unfinished appearance.

A few other sideburns rules to follow:

  • Don’t have your sideburns extend past your ear. You’ll look like you stepped out of the ’70s.
  • Don’t have the hair in your sideburns longer than the hair on the side of your head. This will create a lopsided look.
  • Keep the bottom of your side burn parallel with your feet (if you don’t also have beard). A guardless beard trimmer can help you with this, as it creates a nice clean line.

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