It's Ridiculously Simple To Swap Contacts Between iPhone And Android

iPhone Android Contacts

Photo: Flickr / nodomain1

If you don’t normally save your contacts to your SIM card, it may be frustrating to have to manually punch in all your contacts when you start using a new phone.But the easiest way to transfer your contact list within minutes is to use Google Contacts to help sync your accounts between both Android and iPhone operation systems.

If you just bought a new iPhone, this is the fastest way to transfer contacts.┬áHere’s a quick rundown of how import your contacts between the two platforms.

If you don't already have one, make a Gmail account. It's free, fast, and takes seconds, really.

You can start with either iPhone or Android. To sync your iPhone contacts, connect it to your computer via a USB cord and launch iTunes.

Click Info and select to sync contacts with Google Contacts. Hit Configure to log into your Gmail account.

If you're starting with the Android, open up Contacts and click the menu button to select Merge with Google to import.

With either method, you will find that under your Gmail, your contact list has been updated with all the numbers you had on your phone.

Editing profiles of all your contacts on your phone can get daunting. Take this moment to add picture, job, birthday, address, or any additional information about your contact directly on Gmail.

When your contacts are all organised, it's time to import them back into your phone. To import this back into an Android (if your contacts came from an iPhone), go back and click Merge with Google again.

To import into a new iPhone, select Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars.

Add your Gmail account and your Google Contacts will automatically import into your iPhone.

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