How To Track Santa On Any Device As He Makes His Arduous Journey Around The World Today

It’s Christmas Eve, which means it’s Santa’s big day.

And thanks to your smartphone, it’s easier than ever to track his whereabouts.

The best Santa-tracking option, which has been tracking the jolly old man since the 1990s, is probably NORAD.

If you visit NORAD’s website, you can check out Santa’s North Pole home:

And you can also see where in the world he is. By 10:30 a.m. ET, Santa had already delivered 1.3 billion gifts, and he was departing Australia. 

NoradSanta also has a mobile app for iPhone and Android, where you can play games in Santa’s workshop and view his arduous journey around the world. The website is also mobile-friendly.

Siri isn’t much help when it comes to tracking Santa. If you ask her where he is now, she simply returns a Wikipedia page. But Microsoft is partnering with NoradSanta this holiday season, so if you ask Cortana for his whereabouts, it will turn up accurate tracking results.

Another way to track Santa is on Google Earth. At 10:45 a.m. ET, Santa was headed for Jakarta and had delivered more than 2 billion gifts, according to Google Earth.

Here he is handing out gifts in Jakarta. Google’s Santa Tracker is available in the Google Play store as an app, too.

Finally, social media tracks Santa’s journey too. Check out the NoradSanta account, which updates Santa’s location about every 10 minutes.

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