How To Think Like An Alpha Male And Attract Women

This is part 2 of a two-part article. Read the first part here.

So now you know the main parts that make up the modern alpha male — physical, financial, and status. The remaining element is, of course, what goes on in an alpha male’s mind. Know thyself, aspiring alpha.

The “alpha” thought process is significantly different from that of a beta male.

While betas are typically risk averse and will do anything to avoid “losing face” in public, this is not something that alphas spend much time at all thinking about. It isn’t interesting to them, and they accept that as you approach more women, or seek out new business opportunities, failure and rejection are always going to be a part of the mix. 

A beta develops a complex, somewhat ridiculous set of reasons why something he really wants to do cannot or should not be acted upon. An acquaintance once told me it was “disrespectful” to approach women at night clubs and strike up conversations.

“We’re not at a funeral, this is a club,” I explained to him.

While it is probably true that some people go to night clubs purely because they enjoy expensive alcohol and reveling in the musical mastery of Deadmau5 or Pitbull at 140 decibels, most people are there to meet others. 

A responsible alpha typically follows his instincts and desires — he’ll do anything as long as it doesn’t harm another person, or substantially harm his environment. The top ranks of Fortune 500 companies are littered with alpha personality types, because they act quickly on new ideas.

Losing face is not an alpha’s worst case scenario — the worst case scenario is letting an opportunity pass him by through inaction or hesitation.

And this boldness is frequently rewarded in social situations.

A friend told me this story recently — I’m not sure if it’s actually based in fact, but it’s a great little anecdote regardless. One of the Kennedys was out with a college friend one evening many years ago, and the friend complained that women were always interested in talking to the Kennedy, but never to him. His famous name was outshining the other guy.

“It’s not because of my name,” the young Kennedy explained.

As an experiment, he agreed to pretend to be his friend one evening — and allowed his friend to introduce himself as a Kennedy. 

Guess what happened? All of the women still gravitated toward the real Kennedy, and ignored his friend! People know an alpha when they see one. 

This experiment forced his friend to deal with an uncomfortable truth: it was his personality that was lacking, not his family name. 

I could go on forever, but the best way to begin adopting alpha beliefs is to find an alpha in your own social group and start to mirror him — in a non Talented Mr. Ripley way, of course.

When you ask your alpha friend a question, notice how his response differs from that of a beta, who may seek to find “balance” and “not offend” in his answer. Alphas don’t really care if their answer is what you’re looking for.

Also look at things like body language, voice tone, and even email habits. 

— provided by Outlaw