How to text a GIF on your iPhone using the built-in GIF keyboard in Messages or a third-party app

Leon Neal/Getty ImagesYou can send GIFs in the Messages app using the built-in keyboard.

GIFs are a fun and often humorous way to interact via text. AGIF keyboard is automatically built into any iPhone running iOS 10 or later, allowing you to send pictures to convey thoughts or ideas.

For an even greater library of GIFs, users can download third-party apps like GIF keyboard and GIPHY. Just like texting a written message, texting a GIF is easily accomplished through the Messages app.

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How to text a GIF on an iPhone using the built-in Messages keyboard

1. Open the Messages app.

2. Select the “Images” icon from the menu bar below the new message field. It looks like a pink circle with a white magnifying glass in the middle.

How to text a gif on iPhoneKelly Laffey/Business InsiderSelect the pink ‘Images’ icon.

3. A GIF keyboard will pop up that says “Find images.” Scroll through the GIFs to view popular or recently used GIFs. If you’re looking for a specific GIF, type what you’re looking for into the “Find images” search bar to discover GIFs that best fit your message.

How to text a gif on iPhoneKelly Laffey/Business InsiderYou can search for the GIF you want using the ‘Find images’ search bar.

4. Scroll through the screen until you find the appropriate GIF. Tap on it to insert it into your message.

5. The GIF will appear in the text field. If you accidentally selected the wrong GIF, you can delete it from your message by hitting the small “X” in the top right corner of the GIF. Tap the “Send” button, the blue arrow icon on the right side, to send it.

How to text a GIF on an iPhone using a third-party app

You can also send a GIF through a third-party app. Popular options include GIF Keyboard and GIPHY.

If you’ve downloaded these from the App Store, they will appear on the same menu bar as the “Images” keyboard in Messages. Select the app’s icon to open its GIF library.

How to text a gif on iPhoneKelly Laffey/Business InsiderThis is the GIPHY icon, which allows access to the app’s GIF keyboard.

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