A nutritionist reveals a simple way to tell if you're hydrated

Andy Bellatti is a registered nutritionist based in Las Vegas. He explains how you can tell if you’re drinking enough water or if you’re dehydrated. Following is a transcript of the video.

What matters most with urination is ultimately the colour of your urine. The frequency isn’t as important. Watered-down lemonade is good. Anything darker than that is starting to get into dehydration. You don’t want your urine to be the colour of water either, ’cause then that means that you’re getting too much water.

And remember, your body is smart, so your body needs a certain amount, and it’s not the more, the better. One misconception people have about nutrition in general is that the more the better, and that’s why people are taking supplements and they think, “Well if I can have this much vitamin C, why not get this much vitamin C,” and that’s not how it works. Your body needs what it needs, and anything extra gets filtered out.

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