How To Tell If Your Cohiba Is From Cuba And Other Cigar Picking Wisdom

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Photo: flickr: Paul S

Last night, Clusterstock headed to the newly renovated Merchants Cigar bar to see if it was as good as rumoured (It was, but that’s in another post).Being the industrious journalists we are, we learned a little something about cigars from manager Steve Rudemyer while we were there.

Here are the bullets:

  • Cohiba is the Cuban brand of cigar, illegal in the United States (that we knew). There is another Cohiba you can get here legally, but it’s made in the Dominican Republic — those have red dots on them.
  • Why are Cohiba’s so good? It’s about the hand rolling, of course, and the leaves inside the cigar. Cohiba hand picks the least veiny, most flavorful leaves. If you’re a big cigar smoker, try the Cohiba Robusto.
  • There are cigars for ladies who want something lighter — a Romero y Juliet or a Tatiana Vanilla.
  • If you’re looking to impress someone at a cigar bar but don’t know your stuff that well, go for an Ashton Churchill, named for the famous cigar aficionado and British Prime Minister, Winston Churchill. Warning: That cigar will take an hour to finish.

Now go forth and light up.

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