How to tell whether you're sick or just have allergies

Do you have a cold or is it just allergies? Here’s how to tell the difference:

First, what time of year is it? In the fall, 3/4 ths of all circulating viruses cause the common cold. During the winter, the flu is most common. At springtime, seasonal allergies are usually to blame

Second, what are your symptoms? Fever, aches, and exhaustion?That’s the flu! Stuffy or runny nose? Probably a common cold. Itchy eyes and frequent sneezing? Allergies!

Third, how long have you felt bad? Allergies will last as long as the allergen is in the air. This can be more than a month. Both a cold and flu can last up to three weeks

Each illness has different treatments. It’s important to know what you have.


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