The folks featured in Apple's latest ads explain how to shoot great iPhone videos

The iPhone has become the camera of choice for many photographers — in fact, most photos uploaded to Flickr have been shot with an iPhone.

Now, Apple wants to show that its latest smartphone is just as good as capturing video as photos. The company is rolling out a new campaign as part of its iPhone World Gallery that showcases the video shooting and editing capabilities of the iPhone 6.

The video clips will appear in TV and online ads starting Monday evening in 23 different countries. 

We caught up with three videographers that were featured in the campaign to learn about their process for setting up a great shot. 

Here are their best tips for aspiring iPhone photographers and videographers:

If you’re shooting video on the iPhone 6, try recording at 60 frames per second.

This is a little-known trick that you can enable in your iPhone’s settings menu, and it makes videos appear a bit smoother than the standard 30 fps frame rate your iPhone’s camera records at by default. Cielo de la Paz, a UX designer whose video of a ladybug appears in Apple’s new campaign, said she recently realised this capability and incorporates it into her work. To turn it on, head to Settings > Photos & Camera > Record at 60 FPS.

Pay attention to lighting

Cocu Liu, a Chicago-based UX designer whose video showing a subway in Chicago moving in reverse appears in Apple’s new campaign, says he usually shoots around sunrise when the light is low. This allows for better contrast and longer shadows.

Seek out interesting perspectives

Liu also emphasises the importance of how your shot is framed. Instead of just shooting straight on, experiment with different vantage points to get the photo or video you want. Sometimes he sets the camera close to the ground to get a different perspective. “The photographer’s job is looking for something that people don’t really pay attention to,” Liu said to Business Insider.

Don’t over-process your photos

Sometimes less is more, says Erica Allison, a designer and project manager based in Portland, Oregon whose video clip of her dog Pebbles made it into Apple’s campaign. “The less you do to them, the more it will be true to what you’re shooting,” she said to Business Insider. 

Turn on the grid to line up your shots

The grid can help you center your shots, which Allison says is really important for her style. “It can really change how you present an object,” she said. To turn the grid on, navigate to Settings > Photos & Camera > Grid. 

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