How To Switch From AT&T To Verizon For The iPhone Without Paying Through The Nose

Long suffering AT&T iPhone owners are rejoicing about getting the iPhone on Verizon’s network.

But, any iPhone owner in the U.S. ready to make the switch could be in for a surprise. If you just reupped for the iPhone 4, AT&T will charge you hundreds to leave for Verizon.

AT&T’s early termination fee policy for smartphones says you will have to pay $325 to cancel your contract, minus $10 for each full month you’ve completed.

That means even if you’ve fulfilled 23 months of your contract, you’ll still have to fork over at least $95 to cancel.

You could try and haggle your way out an AT&T contract, but who has the time to deal with that headache? 

Here’s an easier solution to switch networks without losing too much money.

Online gadget buying site Gazelle has a dedicated iPhone section that makes it easy. They’re offering up to $430 for a 32 GB iPhone 4 in perfect condition. That should more than cover your early termination fee.

Alternately, you could jailbreak the phone and sell it on eBay for $350-$450 or try Craigslist.

Before selling your phone, be warned: Verizon is giving current subscribers first dibs on the iPhone 4. Pre-orders for them start on February 3. Non-Verizon subscribers will have to wait until February 10 when the iPhone hits store shelves.

The iPhone will cost $199 (16 GB) or $299 (32 GB) with a two-year contract with Verizon. There are still no details from the carrier about data plans, but early reporting suggests that there will be an unlimited plan for $30 per month.

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