Here's the trick to staying cool in a suit jacket in the summer

In general, men’s clothing is far simpler than women’s, and I find little reason to feel sorry for men when they complain about the minimal thought they have to put into dressing.

However, there is one exception to this, and it is summer. More specifically, summer suiting.

Jackets are warm. Summer is hot. Sweat is gross. There’s no getting around this. But there is a way to significantly mitigate this problem.

It’s the unlined or half-lined suit jacket.

Obviously, less lining means less suit. Less suit means less sweat.

“Most suits feature a lining which is typically silky in texture in order to facilitate slipping your arms in/out of the jacket,” said stylist Jessica Cadmus, founder of Wardrobe Whisperer. “However, a lining can trap heat, as often they are constructed with some (if not all) synthetic fibres like viscose or polyester.”

These synthetic fabrics are particularly dreadful in the summer, as they don’t breathe as well as natural fabrics.

Now you will pay more for less in this case. While an unlined suit has less fabric, it also means there’s less room for error for your tailor.

“In fact it is more difficult and costly to make a half-lined or unlined suit jacket because all of the seams are visible and need to be sewn perfectly,” Cadmus said.

On a half-lined jacket, the lining will be over the shoulder and upper back of the jacket.

And so you know what we’re talking about, here’s a half-lined jacket from Zegna right below:

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