There's a simple solution to a huge problem people have in 'No Man's Sky'

“No Man’s Sky,” the brand-new space exploration game that puts a whopping 18 quintillion planets at your fingertips, is officially out.

In the few hours players have had their hands on it, they have already taken to Reddit to post some of their favourite tips and tricks, one of which solves a huge problem that some people are having so far.

There’s a sprint button to help you navigate the game’s actually planet-sized planets more quickly, but if even that’s not quite enough, you can use this little trick that will send you rocketing around town:

There is a way to move faster than sprint speed! Spread the word – Instructions in post. from NoMansSkyTheGame

To be clear, this isn’t something that’s really supposed to happen — it seems like more of a bug/exploit that results in you being able to travel quickly. But, even still, feel free to take advantage if you need a little extra boost as you explore the galaxy.

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