HOW TO SPOT A FAKE: Counterfeit IPhone 5C's And 5S's Are Already Everywhere

In the past few days, fake iPhones in the brand new models, 5S and 5C, have been flooding in the market, spotted in 20 countries, reports OpSec Security, a company that offers products and
services to fight counterfeiting.

While fakes have not yet hit the U.S. in force, there’s on doubt they are coming, soon.

Fake iPhones hit the market days BEFORE the real ones.

The first clue the iPhone is fake is that it costs less.

Fakes have NOT yet been found on U.S. sites like eBay, but today is the the first day the phones went on sale, so fakes will surely be arriving soon.

Some fakes aren't really counterfeits, they are just look-alikes.

You probably won't be fooled by look-alikes. Many are advertised fairly.

Still, with look-alikes and other fakes you get what you pay for.

The fakes are priced cheaper and they are made cheaper in every way.

Many fakes are pretending to be the real thing though. Here's a close look at some.

Obviously, price is the biggest clue. If it seems too good to be true, it probably is.

No matter what the box says, the fakes do not have the same tech as the real iPhone.

There's a reason iPhones cost more.

Serial numbers and slightly different fonts can offer clues that the iPhone is fake.

Here's what the the look-alike iOS 7 interface looks like on a fake.

Here are some ads selling fakes, not the real thing.

Seriously, if the store is offering it for one-quarter of the list price, be suspicious.

Here are the specs of the $US178 fake ...

While some of them aren't bad, considering it's a fake, it still falls short of a real iPhone.

Here's an ad for a fake iPhone. If you see this, beware.

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