How To Share Your Facebook Photos With Someone Who's Not On Facebook

With hundreds of thousands of photos being uploaded every day, Facebook has become the most popular destination of sharing photo albums online.

Sharing your pictures with those who have a Facebook profile is easy but how does one share them with someone who doesn’t own a Facebook account?

Luckily, Facebook provides a way to get a public link for your photos or an entire photo album. Through this link, you can share the album with just about anyone online.

This brief tutorial will show you how you can create a public link for a Facebook photo album.

Here are the steps.

1. Login to Facebook and on your homepage, on the left sidebar, click on Photos.

facebook screenshot

Photo: Guiding Tech

2. Under Photos, click on My Uploads to go to your photo albums.

facebook screenshot

Photo: Guiding Tech

3. Click on the album you want to share via a public link.

4. On the album page, scroll to the very bottom and you’ll see link saying Share this album with anyone by sending them this public link. That’s the link you are looking for.

facebook screenshot

Photo: Guiding Tech

You can easily email that link to someone who’s not on Facebook, and he/she too would be able to see your snaps.

This article on creating public Facebook photos originally appeared at Guiding Tech.

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