How to share files on Dropbox in 3 different ways

Kaspars Grinvalds/ShutterstockWhen you upload files to Dropbox, they sync across your devices so you can share them from anywhere.
  • You can share files stored on Dropbox with friends, family, and co-workers from a browser, your computer’s desktop, or the mobile app.
  • To share a Dropbox file, run your cursor over it and click the “Share” button when it appears.
  • You can share a file on Dropbox by entering the email address of a recipient or by creating a share link.
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Because Dropbox can keep a set of files in sync across all your devices, it’s a convenient way to maintain access to your essential data no matter where you are. But just as importantly, Dropbox lets you share files with other people. Just send a link – there’s no need to send large, cumbersome email attachments.

When sending certain kinds of files, Dropbox offers settings you can adjust to meet your needs. By default, when you share a file, it can be edited, but you can choose whether to allow recipients to edit the file or only read it. tA file set to view-only can still be downloaded and edited, but recipients won’t be able to make changes to the version of the doc stored in your Dropbox folder.

Sharing a Dropbox file, whether you’re doing it from your browser, computer, or the mobile app, is a pretty similar process. However, those sharing from their computers will need to know how to find their Dropbox folder.

Here’s how to share a Dropbox file.

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How to share files on Dropbox from a web browser

1. Open Dropbox in a web browser and log in.

2. Click “Files” in the navigation pane on the left side of the window to see a list of your files and folders.

How to share files on Dropbox 6Abbey White/Business InsiderYou can find the link on the left-hand side of the Dropbox dashboard.

3. Find the file you want to share and hold the mouse over it before clicking “Share” when the button appears.

How to share files on Dropbox 1Dave Johnson/Business InsiderThe Share button appears when you hover the mouse pointer over a file.

4. To share the file with specific people, add their email addresses in the “To:” line before clicking “Share.”

How to share files on Dropbox 2Dave Johnson/Business InsiderThe link will be automatically sent to those recipients.

5. To change the file’s sharing permissions, toggle between “Can edit” and “Can view” before generating a link.

How to share files on Dropbox 3Dave Johnson/Business InsiderIf you set the permission to ‘Can view,’ then recipients won’t be able to edit the version of the file in Dropbox.

6. To share the link manually, click “Copy link” next to the “Can Edit” or “Can view” buttons.

How to share files on Dropbox 7Abbey White/Business InsiderYou can choose your share permissions based on the link you choose to copy.

7. A message will pop-up notifying you that the share link has been copied. Paste it to whichever platform you plan to share it through.

How to share files on Dropbox from your computer’s Dropbox folder

1. Open your Dropbox folder on your computer.

2. Select the file you want to share.

How to share files on Dropbox PC 1Abbey White/Business InsiderThe Dropbox folder will appear in a different place depending on the system you use.

3. Right-click on it and choose “Share…”

How to share files on Dropbox PC 2Abbey White/Business InsiderRight-clicking on a Dropbox file will bring up a list of options, including the ability to view the file on and see its version history.

4. If the file you’re sharing is a document, choose whether to give permission to edit the file or only view it.

5. Enter the email address of each person you want to share the file with and click “Share.”

How to share a dropbox file on PC 3Abbey White/Business InsiderYou can also click ‘Create link’ and ‘Copy link’ to send the link yourself.

How to share files on Dropbox using the mobile app

1. Open the Dropbox app.

How to share Dropbox files 1Abbey White/Business InsiderThis will be your Dropbox app home screen.

2. Tap “Files” at the bottom of the screen.

Abbey White/Business InsiderYour complete list of Dropbox files and folders can be viewed on this page.

3. Locate the file you want to share and tap the three dots under the file.

How to share Dropbox files Mobile 3Abbey White/Business InsiderEach file in the Dropbox folder will feature this button underneath.

4. In the pop-up menu, choose “Share.”

How to share files on Dropbox 5Dave Johnson/Business InsiderIn the Dropbox app, you can select files and share them with other people.

5. Add email addresses to the “Send to” field and tap “Share” or tap on “Share Link” to give people permission to edit or view the shared file.

Abbey White/Business InsiderThe Dropbox app will generate share links so that anyone with it can view the document you send them.
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