Revealed: What Setting Up A New Google Glass Looks Like

Google glasses

Google has just unveiled a website for setting up Glass, as well as the MyGlass companion app for the computerized glasses.  

Given that Google Glass is an incredibly advanced device, it seems surprisingly simple to set up. In fact, it only takes a mere five short steps to get up and running. 

But for now, at least, the companion app is only available for devices running Android 4.0.3 or higher.

Read over the terms of service, which essentially states that all of your Glass activity will be tied to your Google account. Check the box to agree to the TOS.

Add a Wi-Fi network to use with your device.

Put your glasses on and look directly at the QR code on the screen to connect your device.

And that's it! But now it's time to take a look at the companion app.

The MyGlass app lets you further configure and manage your glasses.

It displays big, beautiful photos of your contacts.

Here, you can ensure your glasses are connected to Google+ and Gmail.

Now, here's a look at all of the amazing things you can do with Glass.

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