How To Send Really Big Files With Gmail

There’s nothing more annoying than when you attach a file to an email only to be notified that it exceeds Gmail’s 25 MB limit.

But Gmail actually lets you send really big files — up to 10 GB — using Google Drive, its online file storage service. To give you an idea, with 10 GB you could send a 600-page document or a 10 minute audio file.

Here’s how to do it:

1. Compose your message as you normally would. But then, instead of attaching a document, video, or photo via the paperclip icon, press the Google Drive Icon:

2. If you have a Gmail account, you automatically have Google Drive. You can choose a file already in your drive, or upload files straight from your computer.

Gmail Walkthru


Gmail Walkthru

3. When you press “Send,” Google will prompt you to share the file with its recipient. Don’t worry, even if the person you’re sharing with doesn’t have Gmail, they will be able to receive your attachment.


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