There’s an easy way to see your first-ever Amazon order. Here’s how to do it.

Your first Amazon order may have been placed as many as two decades ago. Paul Sakuma/AP Photos

Here’s a fun activity for a lazy Saturday: Look and see what your first-ever Amazon purchase was.

Mine was in late November 1999. I apparently ordered the first two books in KA Applegate’s Everworld series of young adult novels, plus a copy of Monty Python’s Life of Brian on VHS. What can I say? I was a weird kid:

Screenshot 2015 07 10 18.22.19

I asked around the Business Insider newsroom, and my colleague Avery Hartmans ordered an atlas back in 2006:

First Amazon order

Finding your own is pretty easy:

Go to and click the “Your Account” button in the upper-right corner.


Then click “Your Orders.”


It will prompt you to put in your password. I can’t help you with that part, but once it’s done, you’ll see this screen. Click the dropdown menu.


Scroll all the way down to the bottom of that dropdown. Enjoy your walk down memory lane!