It's fun and easy to see the first iPhone apps you ever downloaded from the Apple App Store


Apple’s App Store – the first and still only way to install software on iPhones and iPads – first launched 10 years ago exactly, as of Tuesday.

This has gotten a lot of people thinking about their first iPhone (or iPod Touch) and the apps they installed. The app landscape was far different in 2008, or 2010, or whenever you happened to buy your first iOS device.

Some of those first apps no longer exist, and almost every single one of those early apps have seen major changes.

It’s easy to take this trip down memory lane. If you’ve got an iPhone, you can check right now the first apps you ever downloaded.

Here’s how you do it on an up-to-date iPhone:

Go to the App Store, on your iPhone. Tap your picture on the upper right corner. Tap Purchased. Scroll all the way to the bottom. That’s it!

Here’s a screenshot of where to find your profile:

Find profileScreenshot

After you’re done, you can take a screenshot and share it with your friends or coworkers. My coworkers had a lot of fun reminicing about our first apps on Tuesday afternoon.

Here are mine. One of these apps no longer exists, and there’s only one I still keep installed on my phone:


Facebook, Amazon, and Google were common early apps among Business Insider staff.


Some of us liked the gimmick apps — like iBeer, which is no longer available, and let you pretend to drink a beer through your phone.


Some Apple bloggers shared their first apps, too.

What were your first apps?

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