There’s a super-easy way to see who sends the most Slacks at your company — here’s how to do it

Emily Cohn/Business InsiderThis Slack feature shows you how many messages everyone at your company has sent in the last 30 days.
  • Slack is an inter-office chatroom that has made communication at work a lot easier, for better or for worse.
  • Have you ever wondered who Slacks the most?
  • Fortunately, there’s an easy way to check that in just a few easy steps, which we outline below.
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There’s the early morning Slacker. The frequent @channel offender. The person who sends eight separate Slacks for a message that only merits one.

Every office has these people. But have you ever wondered who Slacks the most?

For the uninitiated, Slack is like a 1990s-era Aol chatroom, but for work. You can direct message with a colleague, or five. And there are Slack “channels” where members of a team can chat together.

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Slack is critical to the Insider newsroom. We use it to coordinate our news coverage worldwide, file stories, brainstorm headlines, and discuss which local watering hole to go to after work to actually interact with each other face to face.

Slack has transformed the way we communicate at work, for better or worse.

Here’s how to see who sends the most Slacks at your company

1. First, you have to be signed into Slack! I use the desktop app, but you can do this in browser version of Slack, too.

2. Click the drop-down menu in the top-left of the window, next to your workspace’s name.

SlackSlack/Business Insider

3. Click “Analytics.”

SlackSlack/Business Insider

4. Toggle over to the “Members” tab. Here you’ll see a searchable list of your colleagues, organised alphabetically, along with how many messages they have sent in the last 30 days. These analytics are only available for paid Slack plans.

Emily Cohn/Business Insider

5. Click “Messages posted” to organise the list by highest volume of messages.

Emily Cohn/Business Insider

6. And there you have it! A list of who Slacks the most at your company.

I’m not the most active Slacker at my company- I’ve sent 4,658 Slacks in the past 30 days, which puts me in 34th place.

Slack useEmily Cohn/Business Insider

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