6 Ways To Make St. Patrick's Day Less Of A Budget Suck

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Photo: Daniel Goodman / Business Insider

Americans are planning on spending a whopping $4.7 billion on St. Patrick’s Day festivities this year. Before you blow your paycheck on green beer and beads, we reached out to Jon Lal, founder of coupon site BeFrugal.com, for a few ways to save:

1. Don’t waste your money on green threads. Look at your closet instead to see what you already own. If you do not have green clothing, perhaps you have a Notre Dame Fighting Irish or Celtics jersey.

2. Look for deals on March 18. Instead of buying tons of shamrock decorations, pull out anything green you already own. A little creativity can save a lot of cash. If you host a St. Patty’s Day party annually, head to the party store the day after the holiday this year and score décor on clearance to use next year.

3. Look for beer rebates. If you plan to celebrate by enjoying a beverage, check for rebates on alcohol. In addition to sales, mail in rebates can really lower the cost, sometimes you can even get paid to buy the product! Rebates and sales may also be found on Irish whiskey and Irish cream liquor.

4. Make ‘BYOB’ your party mantra. When throwing a party, tell guests it’s BYOB. This will significantly reduce your costs. If you live in a state with a deposit on cans, you may even profit from hosting a party.

5. Take advantage of cheap Irish grub. For food at your bash, serve foods like corn beef & cabbage that are low cost and traditional. You can make this dish in a crock pot, which also saves time.

6. Check out free ways to entertain.  As an alternative to a party, celebrate by watching a parade for free. Some pubs and restaurants may also have specials.

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